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FREE Fully-Compliant Cash Discount Program

Save Thousands of Dollars on Your
Credit Card Processing Fees 

Reduce Credit Card Fees With Your MBN Merchant Account

As a business owner, accepting multiple payment types is a must for doing business today. But there’s a new way to offset the costs of accepting card payments that gas stations have been using for years! And now it’s available for you, for FREE… just for processing with MBN


MBN Merchants
can sign up for
Cash Discount program
for FREE!

Set Up

Approval is just minutes away… our ‘plug ‘n play’ equipment allows for a fast & easy setup


Our Cash Discount program is 100% legal and compliant with Card Association rules


The annual savings you can experience is significant!

+ the facts about cash discount

Cash Discount is a “Dual Pricing” discount program that gives merchants the opportunity to offset their credit card processing fees by offering a “discount” for customers who use cash

The problem with other solutions is that on the receipt, they have a “service fee” listed, which has prompted investigations from Visa, MasterCard and other brands on allegations of surcharging (which is illegal in most states).

MBN has an exclusive partnership with DuoPriceList Software. Merchants can have a fully-compliant Cash Discount program that is easy to integrate with NO service fee line item on the receipt!

+ it's all about compliance

In order for a Cash Discount program to be compliant, Merchants must make available to the customer both sets of pricing which must be displayed – or – available on a list

With DuoPriceList Software, we create a personalized web page for each participating Merchant that displays the Dual Pricing List required to be in compliance.

Non-MBN merchants have to paymonthly fee for access to the DuoPriceList program... but YOU get it for FREE.


Merchants key in their PRODUCTS + PRICING on our website

Merchants display DUAL PRICING signage throughout their store

Merchants set up their PAYMENT EQUIPMENT – we do the rest!!!


Customers who pay with CASH are
rewarded with a discount

Customers who pay with CARD pay for their own processing costs

Pricing on RECEIPT displays according to payment type, automatically 


Post signage in your shop, advertising your Dual Price List – which offers a discount to customers who pay using cash, displaying a QR code and/or URL for customers to view pricing. Unlike other programs, there’s no “convenience fee” necessary on the receipt.

At the register, simply select whether the payment is cash or card, and your POS system or terminal selects the correct price and displays it on the receipt.
DuoPriceList works with many terminals and POS systems; check the Duo equipment list.

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Don’t see your equipment on the list? No problem.
MBN Merchants can easily swap out equipment.
To participate or for questions you can contact your Agent, or fill out the form below. You can also chat on our site now with a Duo representative.

Ready to save thousands on processing fees?

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