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Dual Pricing is the new thing in payment services, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

But, if you’re currently participating incash discount program, you’re opening yourself up to fines and penalties from Card Brands.

If you currently offer Dual Pricing payment options to your customers (or want to), you need Duo.


Here’s why.

There are two faces to Cash Discount.

OLD WAY: Takes the Cash Price and adds a service fee  (4% is common)  to cover interchange and processing – this becomes the Credit Card Price. The 4% service fee is shown on receipt, creating negative customer reactions. This is not in compliance. 

DUO WAY: Takes the Credit Card Price and creates a Cash Price based on the discount the merchant wants to give cash customers. This is the Compliant version of Cash Discount. There is no service fee listed on receipt.

SIGNAGE: Both versions MUST display signage that there is a cash discount.  (Visa/MC Requirement)

Your merchants key in their products online in the DuoPriceList Software App. It displays both sets of pricing. Customers can view the cash & card pricing list online, accessed through a URL and/or QR Code by phone. Merchants can print labels from DuoPriceList that can be placed on goods, showing both sets of pricing.

+ what merchants need to know

Cash Discount is a “Dual Pricing” discount program that gives merchants the opportunity to offset their credit card processing fees by offering a “discount” for customers who use cash

The problem with other solutions is that on the receipt, they have a “service fee” listed, which has prompted investigations from Visa, MasterCard and other brands on allegations of surcharging (which is illegal in most states).

With DuoPriceList Software, Merchants can have a fully-compliant Cash Discount program that is easy to integrate with NO service fee line item on the receipt!

+ it's all about compliance

In order for a Cash Discount program to be compliant, Merchants must make available to the customer both sets of pricing which must be displayed – or – available on a list

With DuoPriceList Software, we create a personalized web page for each participating Merchant that displays the Dual Pricing List required to be in compliance.

Fines and closures of merchant accounts are likelyAvoid the complications and potential action from Visa, MasterCard and other brands by signing up with DuoPriceList today.

+ I already have a merchant account

Already have a merchant account? DuoPriceList Software works with your current Merchant Account. There’s no software to install… DuoPriceList Software works 100% online.

I don’t have a merchant account. Duo can refer you to a top quality trusted provider, and in most cases new accounts are approved in less than 5 minutes.

+ If I already have a similar program, why do I need Duo?

Just because you are already offering some type of cash discount or surcharge program doesn’t mean you are in Compliance with Visa, MasterCard and other brands

As a busy business owner, you have so much to worry about. DuoPriceList is the only fully-compliant Cash Discount software. Don’t wonder if you’re in compliance, know it.

Business owners who want to save on processing fees, sign up for a FREE consultation.


Merchants key in their PRODUCTS + PRICING on our website

Merchants display DUAL PRICING signage throughout their store

Merchants set up their PAYMENT EQUIPMENT – we do the rest!!!


Customers who pay with CASH are rewarded with a discount

Customers who pay with CARD pay for their own processing costs

Pricing on RECEIPT displays according to payment type, automatically 


DuoPriceList Software works with many POS systems for most business types.


How will I know if DuoPriceList Software works with my equipment