Worry-Free Cash Discount Solution for ISOs & Agents

Easy To Integrate With Your Existing Merchants

DuoPriceList offers ISOs like you a turnkey solution for a Fully-Compliant Cash Discount program through our patent pending software. Our online application is easily navigated and straightforward for your Agents & Merchants to navigate.

We take the headache out of Cash Discount for a worry-free solution.

Why Duo for Cash Discount?

+ the facts about cash discount

Cash Discount is a “Dual Pricing” discount program that gives merchants the opportunity to offset their credit card processing fees by offering a “discount” for customers who use cash

The problem with other solutions is that on the receipt, they have a “service fee” listed, which has prompted investigations from Visa, MasterCard and other brands on allegations of surcharging (which is illegal in most states).

With DuoPriceList, you can offer your Merchants a fully-compliant solution that is easy to integrate with NO service fee line item on the receipt!

+ what makes Cash Discount compliant?

The convenience fee and cash discount models are now being aggressively targeted by Visa & MasterCard and other card brands under allegations of surcharging, which is illegal in some states. It’s a lengthy process for approval directly with card associations, and is restrictive in what cards you can accept.

DuoPriceList Software answers this challenge by following the explicit rules from the card associations, designing a fast online solution that is easy for your Merchants to implement. 

In order for a Cash Discount program to be compliant, Merchants must make available to the customer both sets of pricing which must be displayed – or – available on a list

With DuoPriceList Software, we create a personalized web page for each participating Merchant that displays the Dual Pricing List required to be in compliance.

Fines and closures of merchant accounts are likelyAvoid the complications and potential action from Visa, MasterCard and other brands by signing up with DuoPriceList today.

+ what steps must merchants follow to participate?

MBN Merchants sign up with DuoPriceList through you, their Agent

Merchants key in their PRODUCTS + PRICING and activate their price list(s) on the Duo website.

Merchants print DUAL PRICING signage from their activated price lists in their account on DuoPriceList website.

Merchants display DUAL PRICING signage throughout their store.

+ how can my Agents & Merchants sign up for Duo?

ISOs first sign up with DuoPriceList directly on the Duo App Site

Once approved, ISOs add in their AGENTS. Your Agents then sign on their Merchants on the Duo app.

+ how does Duo work for Agents?

Agents, whether you’re independent or signed with an ISO, you also sign up for DuoPriceList directly on the Duo App Site

Once approved, Agents sign on their Merchants on the Duo app.

DuoPriceList offers bulk discounts for larger ISOs.

There are two faces to Cash Discount.